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Chin Enhancement

Chin augmentation is the surgical use of sterile silicone implant to bring the chin into better balance with your other facial features. It is very common to have chin implants at the same time as a rhinoplasty. Another name for this procedure is genioplasty. The outcome should be a balanced relationship between the structures of the face and may bolster your self-esteem.


The procedure can balance a weak, or receding, chin and make a prominent nose seem less large. A receding chin can make the neck look weak. A chin implant provides a more harmonious balance to your face especially in profile.


Chin augmentation operations can last thirty minutes to one and one-half hours, depending on the circumstances of your case. The procedures can be performed with either a local or general anesthetic, depending on patient and surgeon preferences.

Most often a silicone implant is placed through an incision under the chin (sub-mental) or through an incision inside the mouth (intra-oral).

Other methods of enhancement can be using fat transfer, or even movement of the anterior part of the mandible (jaw) forward and using plates and screws to keep it in place.


Recovery will depend on which method of chin enhancement was used. It is minimal with fat transfer, where an individual can go to work on the same day, or 1-2 weeks following moving the jaw bone with plates and screws.

Patients generally do not experience much pain or discomfort, which cannot be controlled with medications. There is the usual bruising associated with any surgery. Rarely, a complication of permanent numbness of the nerves of the lower teeth and gums can occur. This occurs when the nerve is damaged during the surgery. Most often, however, the numbness is temporary and occurs as a part of post-operative swelling.

A potential log term problem with some chin implants is its possible erosion of the jawbone. This is most often due to how it was placed. If it was placed directly on top of the jawbone, then the likelihood is increased.

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