Natural breast enhancement with micro fat grafting


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Natural Breast Enhancement.

Natural Breast enhancement is gaining popularity because of the greater understanding of fat grafting. The procedure involves removing fat from areas of the body and placing it into the breast. The fat is placed using micro-fat grafting techniques. The fat, if grafted properly, will result in enlargement of the breast without the use of implants.

There are many advantages of this technique. One obvious one is that no foreign body is placed into the human body. Though the chances of infection, or “rejection”, of an implant are very rare, an implant is a foreign body. Using one’s own fat eliminates this possible complication. Another advantage is that since the breast has different shapes for each individual, an implant can not always adjust itself to that particular shape. Using micro-fat grafting techniques can also result in a superior result by grafting to enhance only the area of the breast that is required.

Using fat grafting, for breast augmentation, also has an added benefit of performing liposuction and the removal of unwanted fat simultaneously while achieving breast enhancement. Also, there are certain congenital breast deformities, such as tubular breast deformity, that is very difficult to improve with breast implants without performing other procedures. Fat grafting can eliminate the additional procedures.

There are some potential draw backs; however. One is that not everyone is a candidate. One needs to have enough fat to be able to graft. Another drawback is that a certain percentage of fat is lost during the recovery period. One way that is resolved is to store the fat and inject again 2-3 months later.

Micro-fat grafting is not a simple procedure. A Board Certified plastic surgeon (by the American Board of Plastic Surgery) is where one would begin. It is a procedure that demands technical skill and judgment and, of course, artistry. Dr. Javaheri has enjoyed great success in fat grafting and has been performing micro-fat grafting to various parts of the body for many years.

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