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Pectoral Implants

The intention of Pectoral implants is for the enhancement of the pectoral muscles and region. It is a muscle AUGMENTATION procedure and it is not intended to replace an area of deficiency. There are many whose chests do not respond to exercise despite their intensity of work-outs. Pectoral implantation is for these individuals and for those with congenital abnormalities or asymmetries (such as Poland’s Syndrome).

The implants are composed of “soft” silicone silicone. These are not like the gel implants that are used in breast augmentation. There are several types that are made to fit the various natural shapes of patients.

The operation takes anywhere from 2-3 hours but is also combined with liposuction for additional contouring. This is a critical step to enhance the shape and appearance of implants. The implants are placed under the muscle. The incision is placed in the axilla (armpit).


The recovery various from individual to individual but generally patient may return to work in 5-7 days for those with sedentary work and longer for those with strenuous work. Post-operative pain is controlled with medications.

Normal activities may be resumed in approximately six weeks.


There are risks and complications involved with most surgical procedures, and pectoral implantation is no exception. Complications may include:

  1. • Implant displacement or shifting

  2. • Asymmetry

  3. • Anesthesia complications

  4. • Infection

  5. • Hematoma (a break in a blood vessel, causing a localized blood-filled area that may clot)

  6. • Seroma (a collection of fluid under the skin)

  7. • Numbness of the inner, upper arm

  8. • Unfavorable scarring

  9. • Cosmetic dissatisfaction

There is no risk of leakage or rupture with male breast implants.

As with any cosmetic procedure one MUST select a surgeon with experience. This includes choosing a plastic surgeon who is Board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and preferably by the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons.

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