Scar revision

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A scar is a normal response to injury of any kind, including surgery. This is the body trying to protect itself from exposure to external environment or repair itself following trauma. Many factors influence how a scar forms or how much scar tissue is formed. These factors are influenced by wound size, depth, and location, the person’s age, skin characteristics (such as color of skin). Unfortunately, not all of these factors are completely understood and even their associations, mentioned above, may not even be factors at all! Scar revision is performed when scars are unsightly, or influence function of a body part, or cause pain and discomfort. Depending on the extent of the revision, the procedure may be performed under local, sedation, or general anesthesia. Sometimes, surgery may not even be necessary. Steroid injections can improve the appearance of a scar or even function of a body part from the scar. When to have scar revision done is not always clear. Scars do tend to contract (shrink) with time and thus revision may not be necessary. When to perform a revision depends on the location, size, the amount of time from the injury, or the emotional impact of the scar. Generally, the minimum time is approximately 2-3 months, though it is not uncommon to wait even longer, sometimes one year after the injury.

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