Cosmetic Surgery And Skin Care

Perhaps nothing is more important in looking youthful, and vibrant than one’s skin. It starts with prevention! That is, prevention of damage to one’s skin. Removing external stimuli, such as avoidance of “too much” sun, elimination of smoking, and other activities, which help “age” the skin (such as tanning booths).

Next comes a healthy diet. Good nutrition provides the body with the building blocks to repair damages from the environment, and keeps it hydrated. Another important factor is regular exercise. The “cardio” exercises keep the circulation moving along by providing a regular pathway for the elimination of built-up “toxins”.

Taking care of one’s skin is also critical in keeping one’s skin healthy and “young” appearing. There are many excellent products that are available to keep the skin healthy. Probably the most important is a good sun block agent. The two ingredients that are most important in sun block are zinc oxide and titanium. These two agents have proven sun block abilities and must be used in the right preparation.

Once the above-mentioned recommendations have been followed then there are other methods to maintain a healthy skin. These include: injectable fillers, chemical peels, laser or micro-needle resurfacing, and finally cosmetic surgery.